2008. szeptember 2. 00:40:12
hello there,

I've just dropped in because I need some urgent help concerning grammatical stuff. I've been elaborating a work about Hungarian and have a few questions. I'd be grateful if you gave me an exhaustive response,please.Here we go:

1. What is the word order in any affirmative sentence(Verb,Subject,Object)
Gimme 1-2 examples.

2.Is there anything like passive voice in this language? If so,how do we construct such sentences,then?

3. As far as I know, we have postpositions in Hungarian. Could you please give me at least one sentence that would illustrate it well?

4. That's gonna be a silly question but I need to be sure- is it a tonal language? Personally, I do not believe so :P

5.where is interrogative particle placed in a sentence? One example,please

6.Do affixes indicate cases in nouns?

7.What is the most common syllabe pattern?

Thanx a lot in advance. Greetings!

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