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pl.: plural
m: masculine
f: feminine
n: neutral
off: official
notoff: unofficial
perf: perfect
imp: imperfect
comp: computers (information technology)
med: medical
sci: science

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A≠a Case makes difference - "lengyel" ≠ "Lengyel". Searching "lengyel" doesn't find "Lengyelország".
é=e Ignore accents - "mąka" = "maka", "tuz" = "tűz", Eg. ł=l, ń=n, í=i also. Live if: A=a.
Place of searching in text:
default Wherever searched expression is, finds it - Searching "mi", finds: "mi", "miért", "kémia", "semmi"
x.. Beginning of word - Searching "mi", finds: "mi", "miért", doesn't: "kémia", "semmi"
..x End of word - Searching "mi", finds: "semmi", "állami", doesn't: "mi", "miért", "kémia"
just the given word Search just given word - searching "kör" finds "kör", "szélességi kör", but doesn't find "körhinta".

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"Polak, Węgier, dwa bratanki, i do szabli, i do szklanki."
"Lengyel, magyar, két jó barát, együtt harcol, s issza borát."
(Tłumaczenie dosłowne: "Polak, Węgier, dwoje dobrych przyjaciół, razem walczą i piją wino.")

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Searches in the dictionary are assisted from the Hungarian side by the word frequency list of the Hungarian National Corpus and from the Polish side by the Grammatical Dictionary of Polish.